Facilities and resources

The Preschool building and resources are well maintained to ensure the safety of the children. The resources we have are age appropriate, inclusive and challenging.

To ensure all areas of learning are covered the Preschool is divided into the following areas which are all well stocked:

  1. craft area which always has paint, sticking and dough available
  2. a home area which on occasions is turned into a shop, café, hospital etc
  3.  ICT equipment e.g. Remote control toys, iPad etc
  4. comfy book area
  5. maths area
  6. writing area
  7. small world area
  8. outside area which includes climbing equipment, sandpit, water play,mud kitchen, shop, reading area, blackboard, and well stocked shed filled with trikes, scooters, den building equipment and much more!
  9. The children have access to the outside area for most of the session whatever the weather, so wellies and waterproof suits are always available.

We have our own kitchen, so plenty of cooking activities take place, and the children can easily access the toilets and cloakroom themselves which aids independence.

Contact us

St. Augustine of Canterbury Preschool
Boscombe Crescent
BS16 6QR

0117 956 1166