Putting children first

The Preschool uses the Early Years Foundation Stage as guidance for the activities we plan for the children. However, our main inspiration comes from careful observations of the children during play, regular reports are shared with parents and parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with their key person. We communicate with other settings that a child attends, by doing this we are able to ensure that individual needs and interests are being met.

During most of the day the children take part in child initiated activities both indoors and outside. The children also take part in adult led activities for example hello song, show and tell, story time, key group time and for the older children letters and sounds activities. The amount of time spent on adult led activities increases as the children get closer to school age.

During the course of the school year we have visitors join us in the Preschool, for example this year we have had visits from a policeman, dentist, vet, Viaduct animal sanctuary  and pets. We also cover topics such as the seasons, Christmas, religious celebrations and looking after ourselves.

A weekly list of activities can be seen on the notice board outside of Preschool and this is emailed out to parents.

Personal, social and emotional development

The children are supported in developing confidence and self-respect. They are encouraged to work independently and also take part in the life of the group, sharing and co-operating with adults and children alike. Children are encouraged to express their feelings, respect those of others and feel good about themselves.

Communication and language

Children are encouraged to talk and listen in small and large groups and extend their listening skills through stories, songs and rhymes. All children are given the opportunity one day a week to bring and item to show and tell.

Physical development

Physical activity helps the children gain confidence in what they can do and keeps them healthy. The children take part in a weekly smart moves activity and have a large range of equipment to support them. Also, as a large amount of time is spent outdoors the children are free to run, climb, balance, kick a ball etc.

The children learn how to keep themselves healthy through healthy eating, growing their own vegetables, encouragement with hand washing and topics on dental health etc.

Children also develop their manipulation skills through the use of tools, pencils, scissors, cooking activities, play dough, sewing etc.


Children gain good literacy skills by listening to stories, rhymes and songs, looking at books and using a large range or writing equipment.

All of the children who will be going to school the following September take part in a weekly letters and sounds activity which prepares them well for reading and writing.

Understanding of the World

Children are helped to explore and make sense of the world around them. They are encouraged to talk about their experiences, learn about different cultures, explore their environment and engage in activities to develop basic information and communication technology skills. This is enhanced by visits from people in the community and outings to local places of interest.

Expressive arts

Through art, music, dance, stories, role-play and imaginative play, children are able to communicate and express their ideas and feelings.


Maths skills are developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play so that the children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers. Our mathematical activities include counting, sorting, matching, working with numbers, shapes, space and measures.

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